Sue Surdi has resumed her role as sole owner, management and head designer of her company, and is transitioning back to branding as Sue Surdi Designs.   Richard Martin has returned to building & design at his construction company, dividing his time between Creative Minds Gallery and his own projects.  They remain close collaborators, sharing ideas and talents on everything from custom jewelry to room construction, as they continue their creative journeys.  As with every small business, Sue Surdi Designs' success is only achieved by a team of loving and devoted supporters who bring their own talents and strengths to the studio - from inspiration, to packaging and distribution, to off site production and shoots, to all the serious business of running a thriving business.  Though most prefer to work their magic in the background, they are relied upon, invaluable in their contributions, and so deeply appreciated every single moment.  So it is with the family (including furry four-legged ones),  friends and many amazing people that make possible, Sue Surdi Designs.  

Here's to a wonderful year, everyone! 

SS/Steve (hubby) 2014

SS/best buds 2013
SS/RM 2012

My brand is measured by the kindness it brings to another
The piece of soul one can wear on the outside.  SS 2012